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Rectal Administration (plugging, shafting, shelving)
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There are those of us who feel uncomfortable with the idea of sticking a drug up our bums. Some of us in the community do enjoy and recommend this route of administration though, in particular when using MDMA or cocaine. It can also be considered as a potentially less harmful alternative to injecting.

Because the inside layer of the anus is lined with a thin membrane, the drug is rapidly absorbed through this membrane directly into the bloodstream. Some people claim that this route gives them a less toxic load, less stomach upset, a smoother ramp up and will increase sexual pleasure. Additionally, the effects of the drug are said to last longer and have greater potency with less substance required for more effect.

Plugging can have a pretty nasty downside can cause ulcers, diarrhoea, damage to your rectal membranes and bowel dysfunction.

Making sure that you are well prepared with your equipment and that you have chosen an environment where you will not be disturbed and are able to comfortably sit or lie down after the insertion, are all important to making this route of administration as safe as possible.

The 3 most common methods:

  • Plugging the pill as is.
    This is best done with an empty bowel as inserting an object into your rectum can create an urgent need to go to the loo. Once inside the anus, the pill should slide up easily. It will be less effective if it doesn't go as far as the second knuckle on the index finger.
  • Gel-capping.
    Crushing the pill and placing it in a capsule (preferably vegetable based caps as they dissolve much better than animal based ones). Powder in a capsule usually absorbs more quickly as pills can be hard pressed and not break down as easily. Placing a condom over the finger is a very effective way of shafting as the lubricant from the condom helps and it's also more hygienic.
  • Enema style.
    Diluting the pill or substance in 5-10 ml of luke warm water, and then using a large syringe (without needle!) to insert the fluid. This is seen as the most efficient of the three methods.

If you feel pain or resistance at any time when attempting any of these techniques, it’s probably a wise move not to be persistently pushing this thing... Wait a bit and if you feel the need to, try again later.

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