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Oral (bombing, parachuting)
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Most drugs including MDMA, cocaine and amphetamines can be taken orally.

Oral administration is probably the least harmful way to administer most drugs, however there are still risks associated with the use of any of these substances. Possible negative side effects of oral consumption include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Another drawback to oral administration for some people is that the drug will usually be partially metabolised by the liver before crossing the blood-brain barrier dramatically reducing the intensity of effect. One of the reasons that some people find other methods more desirable is that they (at least initially) bypass the digestive system, thereby denying the usual first pass metabolism. Also, oral administration will result in a slower onset and greater duration than other methods. While this may mean that you are not getting as much ‘bang for your buck’, it can help to alleviate many of the unwanted symptoms that are associated with higher doses as well as avoiding the risks of harm associated with other routes of administration.


There are a number of ways that these drugs can be ingested orally including swallowing a pill, dissolving in a drink, or parachuting. Parachuting is where a powdered form of the drug is wrapped in paper (usually tissues paper or a cigarette paper) and swallowed like a pill.

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