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Some of us prefer injecting drugs as it’s seen as a way to get a rapid onset of the drug's effects. The downside is that there are

There are those of us who feel uncomfortable with the idea of sticking a drug up our bums. But for others, this can be a way of reducing harms associated with use.
The summer festival season is well underway and there's some great times to be had ahead. Inevitably though, some of us will push it too hard. After comparing notes, these are the Bluebelly team's top recommended tips for getting through the festival season in the best shape possible.
Sniffer dogs, seizure, and searches. What are the laws regarding ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine?

Looking after yourself doesn’t always come naturally, and being natural isn't just hugs, trust, and pixie dust.

We know that using any drugs carries risks. We have divided those risks into those we face before, during and after use.